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Alfa AL
Common Specifications for ALFA and DELTA PVC/PO Presses

Heating: The unique platen design allows even temperature distribution up to 392°F across the entire splicing surface.

The specially engineered water-cooled system is constructed of stainless steel, and is designed to provide a rapid cooling of the belt.

Pressure is obtained through pneumatic air bags.

The electronic control bag regulates the entire process of heating and cooling, which is accomplished in approximately 15 minutes.

The control box allows you to set the temperature and time each individual splice requires. Once this is set, the water-cooling with start automatically, and an alarm will sound to indicate the cooling process is complete.

Up to 10 possible parameters may be programmed into the control box, and the temperature variation between upper and lower platens will not exceed 4°F.

Presses can be manufactured to meet your specific voltage requirements.

Both presses come standard with a custom-designed case, which includes all electrical connectors, water hoses, and water pump. For ALFA Models up to 800, and all DELTA Presses, a manual air pump is included.

  • Manufactured in lightweight aluminum
    Splicing Length: 8"
  • Pressure up to desired PSI obtained via two air bags
  • Air Bags located in both upper and lower section

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